To Provide quality education of affordable cost by the use of modern and progressive educational techniques to achieve excellence in studies and all round development of students to make them good citizens.

Vision and Mission

Education is the best source to serve the society. It is the Process of facilitating, learning or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits. Our primary duty is to inculcate positive virtues like courage, vitality and creativity in children so that they grow into Visimary leaders of upright character. Education in its real sense implies acquisition of knowledge developing power of reasoning and Character building them by, transforming one into an enlightened human being. Nuclear age of today demands education to transcend from its traditional role to fuse the modern day student with scientific temperament, while retaining our care values to prepare students for the task of nation building. We at Camlin School endeavour to build upright citizens who aspire for a higher and a better life, Perfection and Spread of universal brotherhood.

Admission process

Admission to various classes starts at the begging of the academic session in April /May every year. Entrance tests are held followed by an interview, and on qualifying admission can be sought to the respective classes after the paper work. Transfer: students seeking transfer to a different school need to place requisition in the month of February by filling the form available in the office.

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